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In conditions ranging from freezing cold to steamy heat, more than 100,000 distribution center workers rely on Voice-Directed Work® every day to boost productivity, improve accuracy and lower operating costs. Smaller, lighter, and Bluetooth® equipped, the Talkman T5 terminals, the latest generation Talkman wearable computer, opens a two-way dialogue between your team members and your host system. The result? New levels of performance – even in extreme conditions – where rough handling and the hazards of an industrial environment are daily realities.

The Talkman T5 terminal is among the smallest industrial-grade, wearable computers ever built, delivering missioncritical voice-recognition performance with speed and precision.


Welcomed by Workers - Just like a mobile phone clipped to your belt, you won’t know the T5 is there. At 12.1 oz. (343g), its ergonomic design curves around the body so you can comfortably wear it on a belt or a shoulder harness. To keep team members safe from radio emissions, the antenna radiates away from the body and meets standards for body-worn radio frequency devices.
Vocollect Voice - Fast, Accurate and Noise Tolerant - Perfected over 20 years of use in demanding industrial environments, Vocollect Voice is the industrial speech recognition engine of choice in thousands of distribution centers on six continents. Team members have nine selectable speeds (up to 400 words/minute), can choose from among over 20 languages for their prompts, and can respond in any language.
Wireless Software Management - From an IT perspective, managing your installed base couldn’t be easier. With the wireless network, software can be loaded, terminals configured, and firmware updated – all while the T5s are in the terminal charger.
Exceptional Audio Quality - This tough connector delivers exceptional audio quality. If the cable is strained, the patented breakaway connector separates cleanly from the T5, protecting your investment in SR Series Speech Recognition headsets or other devices.
Connect Wireless or Wired Devices - Need bar code readers and printers to meet work process needs? Imagine working wirelessly. The T5 has a built in Bluetooth compatible radio for wireless connection to these devices. And if you’re currently using these devices with a T2x wearable computer, the T5 is backward compatible with all Talkman approved accessories.
Long Life Battery - Even in extremely cold environments, the T5’s high-performance battery provides the power that you need. Team members won’t have to interrupt their assignments multiple times to change batteries.

Enhanced Memory T5m: Double memory capacity, large data record storage, support for new applications, and future software enhancements.

Already Using a Talkman T2x - Reasons to Upgrade
For Associates
Increased comfort: 33% smaller and 45% lighter than the T2x, many users claim they hardly know it’s there.
Small enough to fit in your pocket, the T5 offers exceptional freedom of mobility.
More forgiving: The elastomer “skin” protects the T5 from bumps and scratches. No additional bags or holsters are required. The skin does not need to be removed before charging: simply place the T5 in the charger, and go.
More choice: The T5 can be worn on either a belt or a shoulder harness.
Improved uptime: The standard battery runs a full shift, even in freezing conditions. There’s no need to maintain multiple battery sizes.

For DC Managers
Increased productivity through the T5’s automated team member setup at the beginning of each shift. When a team member connects their headset, their personal voice profile is verified and with a quick password, tasks are downloaded automatically.
Reduced set-up time when configuring new terminals. Via the wireless network, software can be loaded and terminals configured – all while the T5s are in the terminal charger. No need for attaching cables and touching each unit. As with the T2x, firmware upgrades can also be done wirelessly.
Improved operational flexibility with wireless connectivity with Bluetooth RF devices, like bar code readers,
belt-worn printers, diagnostic equipment, and more.
Improved battery management: The T5’s high-performance smart battery provides information like hours used and the total number of charge cycles to Vocollect’s VoiceConsole® deployment management software.
Reduced space needed for charging: 10-bay “combination” charger handles both terminals and batteries. No need to have separate bays.

Please see complete product specifications in the pdf version of this document.

Vantagem de Vocollect Voice

No ambiente complexo do armazém e do centro de distribuição, a acuracidade e a produtividade são primordiais. É por isso que a tecnologia baseada em voz está provocando uma reavaliação dos processos e procedimentos do armazém para determinar os resultados quantitativos do negócio. Com a capacidade “mãos e olhos livres", Vocollect Voice fornece soluções que podem produzir um valor real ao longo de todas as áreas do armazém. Aprenda como Vocollect pode usar a tecnologia de voz para ajudar a melhorar a excelência operacional. Contate a Vocollect hoje e conheça os resultados comerciais reais que poderá alcançar.

Produtos & Soluções

Cada relação com nossos clientes começa com entender a fundo seus exclusivos desafios de negócios. Quais são as verdadeiras motivações do negócio para o potencial projeto? Com uma compreensão clara de quais são os impulsores do seu negócio, podemos então aplicar nossa ampla experiência em armazéns e na indústria para desenhar coordenadamente uma recomendação que cumpra com as metas do seu negócio e também capitalize seus processos de melhores práticas para maximizar o retorno sobre o seu investimento, ao mesmo tempo em que assegura a máxima aceitação por parte dos membros da sua equipe.

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